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Assorted Craft Beer Box (x24)
Assorted Craft Beer Box (x24)

Assorted Craft Beer Box (x24)

Box of 24 bottles of craft beer from Non Grata Brewery:

8 bottles (330ml) of Jack the Ripper
Craft beer that resembles a strong drink. Matured with oak aged in Jack Daniel's whiskey, perfect to accompany our entrepán de pernil bogotano, and meat in general.


8 bottles (330ml) of Mandaripa
Craft beer with citrus aroma from the addition of Colombian tangerine peel. With a high hop load, balanced with an equally generous amount of malt, it is just right for our famous suckling pig suck.


8 bottles (330ml) of Ismael
Craft beer with corn and easy to drink, is the yew beer. Recommended with our mushroom and cheese entrepán (vegan) or with any of our accompaniments. 


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